I’ve Decided To Become a Blogger

Arm Hair Makes You Smart

This was taken when my arms had less hair than my head. It symbolises great wisdom in some part of the world I have never been.

Ok, this is the ultimate example of getting into the game late. I have understood the concept since the 8088 Processor was the rage, yet somehow the actual blogging part escaped me. Now that there’s no chance of making a profit at it, I’m in.
For now, I will save the world from my Earth shattering thoughts that would have made a difference many years ago. Instead, I will be inviting you along on my ride through the eyes of a Realtor on the streets of Phoenix. Don’t expect some sort of pitch for buying homes. I’m no salesman and things aren’t always perfect in my world. Instead, I hope to tell it like it is.
Meanwhile, this is a school night, so it’s off to the bunkhouse once the livestock has been fed.
Talk to you soon.